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The Art of Change

We have all heard the saying that “change is never easy”. In general, we as humans do find it difficult to embrace and welcome change. We resist it. We fight it. It is in our nature to not disrupt what is working and we find comfort in. The resistance to accept change is also a key weakness that can lead to lost opportunity, complacency and devastating negative impacts to your business.

While change is something every business book in the last decade has said to encourage, welcome and embrace, that is a lot easier said than done. Whether it be in your personal life or at work, change disrupts the balance of things. It creates uncertainty and as a result, is uncomfortable. While that is all true, I will argue that change that is planned and anticipated is much less uncomfortable than when change is forced onto your team and organization.

It comes down to what I call The Art of Change. When change is orchestrated and facilitated, the fear of the unknown and uncertainty decrease as focus moves to where you are going rather than where you are today. There are steps that you can take to help make the transition easier and they must encompass both the individual and the organization. Both have to be brought along together and this requires starting with the processing of emotions and ends with the focus being on possibilities and conditions of satisfaction.

By moving thru these steps, both the individuals and organization will shift their focus. While the reluctance or fear of failure are still there, when managed correctly, they become secondary concerns. Focus starts to shift and with that the thinking and decision making of the organization evolve.

At the AND group, we are facilitators of change and help our clients embrace the creativity to spark new ideas, products and revenue streams. We help our clients imagine what comes next after what comes next If you would like to talk about unlocking the creativity and embracing The Art of Change, please reach out to me at .


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