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 Ideation, Problem Solving,

Scenario Planning and Prototyping

ANDspire solutions℠

addressing your growth challenges and opportunities head on

the AND group has decades of experience in facilitating and moderating productive ideation sessions, both in-person and virtually, that create actionable outcomes. We use a varied set of tools and frameworks to stimulate imagination, prompt new ideas, craft scenarios, discover solutions to problems, and identify hidden opportunities.

  • product concepts & roadmaps

  • use-cases & value propositions


  • brand assets & experiences


  • technical & commercial solutions

  • future scenarios & contingency plans

  • business strategies & models


We create the space and environment for your team, and assembled guests, to think

We create a collaborative atmosphere and energize participants making ingenuity and creativity learnable skills.


Participants can include customers, users, industry experts, academics they can participate in person or virtually.


We right-size the execution to meet your unique needs

Sessions range from independent 90-minute speed rounds to a 4-day immersive retreat. Virtual sessions can be managed as a series of activities in a community platform or multiple live mini workshops or both.

We manage everything and anything: pre-meeting interviews, stimulus prep, persona tools,  thoughtful and proven exercises, recruiting and scheduling “outside” guests, post-event reporting, and when needed, all travel, accommodation & meal planning.

get support in solving vexing problems, forming winning solutions, defining the smartest path forward 


Being ingenious is required if one wishes to innovate.

Being resourceful and creating prototypes to share with would be users is also required.


Prototyping - preliminary model of something,

from which other forms are developed


Being willing to throw perfectionism out the window is also required.

Not only is it okay to expose a less than perfect manifestation of your idea to a group of prospective users, it is a prudent part of the solution development process.

Former Director of Engineering and Innovation Agitator at Google, Alberto Savoia, introduced the concept of pretotyping in his 2019 book the right it.   Alberto made this word up…


Pretotyping - it is an artifact that proceeds a prototype;

it can be simply a “pretend” prototype


the AND group uses ingenuity to create pretotypes & prototypes

  • product concept & packaging mock-ups

  • simulated use-cases, brand and shopping experiences

  • give us your challenge and we’ll solve for it


and if the team is ready for “make a little, learn a lot” saleable prototypes, we source partners upfront and co-pitch for a seamless solution for our

ANDgauge markets service offering.

Discover more; checkout our case studies.

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