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Our Work | Case Study

Fortune 500 CPG Ideas for Growth

“truly new” ideas to fuel 3-5 year growth plans

Client Goal: Develop a pipeline of product ideas for US Adult on-the-Go Snacks that will deliver significant company growth for the next 3-5 years.


Client Guardrails: Ideate across 3 defined Jobs-to-Be-Done. Fit within 6 brand equities. Leverage additional branded food assets.  Plus many others too specific to share.


AND Work:  In 4-weeks completed meta analysis of 4+ years of company’s ideation work, competitive and tangential category exploration, 1-day ideation workshop design/ execution, followed by writing up top rated concepts by the 14 workshop participants (38 out of 100+).

AND Output: 38 “NEW” written product concepts worthy of next round development.


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