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ideate, evaluate, & prioritize 

in financial context

Client Goal: 4-8 product concepts, a mix of quick hits and big ideas, with at minimum of 4 to share at annual trade show in three months.


Client Guardrails: Ideate across 3 platforms: Thrill Rides, Kid’s Play, and Multi-Generational Interactive. Meet customer criteria by platform and be financially feasible in context of client business model.


AND Work: In 5 weeks completed environmental scan report of relevant discovery outside of waterpark, developed concept template inclusive of operational specifications, designed 2 half-day workshop for ideation, evaluation and prioritization relative to ROI, executed workshop, summarized lead ideas and action plan.

AND Output: 9 of 37 product ideas moved to next stage, of which 4 were showcased at trade show; as well as multiple new patents and new distribution channel opportunities.

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