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Insights Generation & Market Testing

We listen; we seek first to understand then we design a research approach to inform decisions at hand.

We help clients build deeper empathy and understanding of consumers, customers,  patients, suppliers, employees, stakeholders, and value-chain members.

We understand the importance of executive summaries and clear recommendations, backed by a detailed report. .

We expect the questions, 'so what?' and 'what next?'.

We love fieldwork, be it in an operating room, a waterpark, online or in a retail store. Observing and making sense of human behavior is definitely one of our things.

We are expert at creating quantitative studies that include open-ended questions that provide the why behind the results.

The idea of making the learning deployable within the organization is totally up our alley.

We create infographics and story boards to aid and abet the cause.

ANDlighten insights℠

customized approaches to market research

Our wheelhouse is broad; here are the highlights

primary research methods:

  • in-person qualitative: ethnography, IDI, focus groups, journey mapping, in-context intercepts

  • on-line qualitative: survey, IDI, focus groups, communities 


  • on-line quantitative: conjoint analysis, concept test, brand equity, A&U, source of volume, price sensitivity analysis 

  • hybrid solutions: utilizing platforms that combine qual and quant methods perfect for agile development

 secondary research methods:

  • social listening competitive analysis: conversation volume, sentiment and topics 

  • environmental scan: topic specific, thought-provoking collection of market insights, drivers and analogs 

  • market opportunity assessment: customized to specific needs 

  • market players analysis: summary of competitors, prospective strategic alliances and/ or acquisition targets

ANDgauge markets℠ around the world

we deliver across the product lifecycle and customer journey:

  • define & segment target customers

  • define & understand competitors

  • inform, ideate, create, & test innovation platforms, concepts, and solutions

  • understand customer journey, inform channel strategy, reduce cost to serve

  • optimize portfolio/ sub brands

  • define/ create/ improve value, brand affinity

  • establish marketing claims

  • design/ improve UX / increase conversion rates/ decrease sales cycle

  • define market adjacencies, quantify size of prize, inform make, buy, or ally

we are committed to getting as much value possible out of every dollar invested; let us prove it to you

market research that delivers on both the art & science of the craft delivering insightful conclusions and clear recommendations

get plugged in to the newest testing solutions; connect with us

agile in-market testing solutions


ANDspire solutions℠


ANDvisory boards℠

that allows teams to rapidly learn, adjust and move forward with conviction

the AND group supports companies in bringing innovative and disruptive solutions to market


we have built breadth and depth of experience executing in-market proof-of-concept experiments, site-evaluations and pilot tests

Our methods are highly useful for:


  • quickly determining which of multiple ideas has the greatest potential to scale

  • testing or refining the core elements of a new product, and/or product launch plan, to inform the final launch plan or to make a go or no-go launch decision

  • as a sales tactic to gain and accelerate the adoption of new product, especially in situations that require users to change behaviors and/or to prove intended benefits are achievable

  • for the development of meaningful and substantiated marketing claims and/or referral networks

ANDgauge markets℠

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