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Our Work | Case Study

Category Placement In-Store Pop-Up

2-day pop-up in grocery retailer to test category placement impact

Client Goal: Understand whether consumers would instinctual expect to find a new crispy baked cracker line in the snacking cracker set versus the salty snack section the brand was best known for, how placement across these two sections impacts usage occasion, and does placement in snacking crackers deliver new shoppers to the franchise.


Background:  Client’s research efforts left these burning questions unanswered. Team needed real-world consumer insights to inform final decision & sales story.

AND Work:  Designed in-store research to include set-up of test items in chain grocery store matching target demographics for the product. Developed in-store demo manned by AND researchers resulting in 250+ shopper interactions & 33 intercept interviews over a single weekend;  insights report delivered the following week.

AND Output: Conclusive findings that snacking cracker placement was the better placement for the franchise, and guidance that brand loyalist would want to be told to find new line in the cracker aisle.

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