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Our Work | Case Study

Brand Positioning Multi-Channel Pop-Ups

2 pop-ups across 2 channels to inform final positioning on new wet dog food offering

Client Goal: Finalize positioning for a premium wet dog food line from an existing brand; test various messaging options and understand which is most differentiated as well as attractive to small dog owners.

Background:  Client insights team had come to value these real world research experiences and wanted to apply the method to not only meet the primary objective for finalizing product positioning but to also support marketers in understanding the differences between pet lovers shopping in grocery channel  and those shopping pet specialty retailers.

AND Work:  Research design, test product set-up and fully marketed demo booth as well as end-cap display set-up across two weekends – first in pet specialty retailer and second in grocery retailer  Managed in-store demo manned by AND and client researchers resulting in 250+ shopper interactions & 61 intercept interviews; insights report delivered the week post final event.

AND Output: Clear direction on winning positioning and why it worked best; deeper understanding for how shopper’s product expectations differ across the two channels.

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