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Our Work | Case Study

Laboratory Sciences UX Ethnography

blinded, online UX ethnographic study 
and journey map development

Client Goal:  Develop deep understanding of customers’ needs, interactions and influences to online purchase of antibodies, cell lines and/or cell culture media so as to optimize conversion rate among scientific researchers shopping on their website.

Background:  Driven by recent acquisitions the website needed to be retooled to improve the overall customer experience. Many of their competitors had recently improved online shopping experiences.

AND Work:  Ethnographic research with scientific researchers in academia and biotech who are purchase decision makers. Respondents were recruited for two rounds of research: Round 1 was one-hour 1:1 moderated interview with respondents being assigned tasks so as to simulate online shopping behaviors; at first they chose sites they shopped, then they were directed to other sites to repeat search. Round 2  was one-hour 1:1 moderated online session that was a traditional interview format supplemented by viewable screenshots of Life Science supplier websites. 

Respondents audio and screens were recorded in both rounds

AND Output: Midpoint and final Insights report and journey map identifying the following across the customer journey: behavior/ interactions, needs/goals, feelings, abandonment, hits, misses and opportunities/solutions

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