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Luxury Travel Club Campaign Testing

campaign testing with current and 

prospective customers reaps benefits

Client Goal: Test two executions of a new multi-faceted campaign and understand impact of each across current members and prospective members, both those for which had already opted in to learn more as well as others that met targeting qualifications.  To show participants the entire brochure so as to fully engage them in the detail of the campaign.

Background:  the AND group understanding the objective and realizing any outreach to engaged members and prospects created an opportunity to reinforce the brand, recommended two separate surveys be designed so as to speak directly to the specific audiences. Further, AND recommended a uniquely ER type incentive be offered to participants from their list, as well as an offer at the end of the survey to make their responses visible to ER or maintain anonymity. 

AND Work:   Designed, executed and analyzed results of an on-line study conducted across ER members, ER prospects and general target population. Survey also included a robust set of open-ended questions be included to fully appreciate the quantitative responses. The first two populations sourced from client data base. Participation was so high among client sample that participants totaled 1.947 versus the 600 required for statistical significance.  

AND Output: Conclusive findings and insights that went well beyond the initial objectives of the research; and included specific insights across positioning, point of difference, emotional hook, reason to believe, benefit, how program works, and call to action

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