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Home Services Matchmaking Value Propositions

hard quantitative with the qualitative back-up to understand conjoint analysis conclusions

Client Goal: Determine which of a set of core value propositions drive the most value for homeowners overall and by customer segment. Understand relative revenue lift associated with various $ levels of a specific offer.

Background:  Client team was preparing to make a sizeable investment in a new branding campaign. They had invested in segmentation analysis and wanted to ensure they understood the relative importance of various marketing levers before launching; and wanted to be able to drill down to the various personas they had chosen to target. It was also important to understand the “why” behind the quantitative findings in the survey.

AND Work:  Design, execution and reporting of an online survey inclusive of a conjoint analysis, sometimes referred to as a discreet choice analysis, and strategic use of open-ended questions. There were a total of 1,492 qualified respondents, open-ended questions were analyzed in context of each individual respondent and then thematically presented by targeted persona.

AND Output: Clear direction which value propositions would drive conversion, and importantly, details on perceptions and expectations of the core promises behind the campaign. 

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