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An Agile Mindset is at the Core of Reinvention

One thing I think we can all agree on right now is that there is no clear answer on how the US, let alone the world, will balance the health and livelihoods of its populous. By definition there is no 'one and done' answer. We must plan for extended social distancing and adopt an agile mindset.

Businesses and households alike must continue to bolster contingency plans and do so iteratively as conditions change. Keep in mind this includes planning for upside opportunities as well as downside. I advise a mentality of “play to win” by focusing on your strengths and “reinforce, or if necessary, reinvent”, your core business and/or domestic life.

This is the time to shed the superfluous and truly focus on what matters. Plan for team wins and strengthen stakeholder relationships -- employees, vendors, distributors, and customers, AND spouses, parents, children, friends, caregivers and neighborhoods, et al. While it likely isn’t easy given so much change, it is what will keep things moving forward versus crashing down.

Businesses can benefit from working on distancing themselves from the pack, reinventing where necessary to meet their customers evolving needs, communicating their value to customers and then delivering on it. This is also the time to be on the lookout for smart acquisitions and scoop up bargains that augment the core business.

We understand everyone is processing through a lot right now, so no matter how broad your shoulders may be, if this content resonates with you, reach out as we’d be happy to verbally process with you “what now, and what next”.


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