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Insights From A Distance

I mean no disrespect. Social distancing is an essential and important safety precaution. I have two siblings on the frontlines, a paramedic in Miami-Dade and a Physician’s Assistant in Ohio. Both are seeing the impact of Covid-19 up close and personal and I am beyond grateful to them both and other works on the frontline.

The reality is we are all seeing what is unfolding from different vantage points and experiences and adapting our circumstances in our own ways. Everyone I am speaking with has made significant behavioral changes and are reprioritizing what matters to them. In addition, they have developed new shopping and consumer behaviors as well as hobbies and interests (e.g., my husband is now my hair colorist, and I am obsessed with backgammon).

Needless to say, many of our customers value things differently now than they did when we were toasting to the dawn of a new decade just a short 5-6 months ago. As humans, we need to be heard, we need to process what so much change means to us, and we need to engage not only with family and friends, but also brands and companies that want to be part of a productive path forward.

Understanding these shifts and developing deep insights on an ongoing basis is critical to the choices we make in our lives and our businesses. the AND group is adept at listening and gleaning insights from a distance, be that by phone, a webinar, or through an agile development/research platform. We seek to see the whole person and empathize with their unique set of circumstances. We are here to protect people from falling sticks of dynamite… beep, beep!


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