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It Is Your Choice

I really don’t recall where I learned this life lesson but I am grateful I did. It has served me well and I am sharing it in hopes that it will be helpful to our followers. That lesson is: I am the source of my satisfaction or dissatisfaction in life; the choices I make, my attitude, how I choose to show up are what most influence my happiness.

Check out the table below and ask yourself if you are living “at cause” or “at effect” with your family, in your career, with your network, in society at large.

At Cause At Effect

Point of View: Able to make a difference Bound by the system

Self-responsible Victim of circumstance

Life is exciting, even fun Controlled by others

Truth is the best Avoid the truth if it’s painful

Feelings: Powerful Powerless

Competent Oppressed

Excited, energized Overwhelmed, burdened

Behaviors: Turn circumstances into wins Crisis management

Take a stand Complaining, doing my best

Go after what you want Controlled and controlling

Tell the truth Inappropriate anger

Telling lies

Words: I can make a difference If only “they”

I am stopping my own success I didn’t have a choice

I made a choice It’s the system

= Satisfaction = Dissatisfaction

I remind myself that choices are powerful. I often use the metaphor of there’s a fork in the road and remind myself I get to choose. My hope is that everyone feels they have a choice to help make their lives better and the world around them better in doing so.

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