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Why Design Thinking Delivers

I have often been asked why does the AND group utilize a Design Thinking process as a basis for much of what we do and especially for the ANDspire solutionssm? When you dig into the premise behind Design Thinking, you can see how its approach empowers teams to define breakthrough solutions, accelerating growth all the while mitigating risk. Let’s look at some of the key principles behind Design Thinking that make is so powerful.

Design Thinking is human centered, meaning it focuses on the people that a service or product are created for. In other words, the user experience. It is a problem-solving approach that aims to improve people’s experiences. By doing so, you end up with higher user satisfaction, a better product or service and/or improved internal processes.

You can break Design Thinking down into some simple steps. First, you need to understand the end user. By observing, questioning, learning and empathizing with the users, you can get a clear understanding from their perspective and eliminate any preconceived notions or ideas about how they feel or think.

Next, there is restless reinvention which is treating everything as a prototype. Test, iterate and learn quickly. Prototypes do not need to be finished products to learn and improvements can be made as you go. The earlier you make something that can be experienced the faster you learn what really does and does not work.

It is also necessary to get out of the mindset of problems and solutions. Transform your thinking process from generating a solution immediately to asking questions. Questions will help you move closer to understanding the root of the issue or to an incremental improvement with profound value.

When done correctly, Design Thinking allows you to make revolutionary breakthroughs with innovative solutions that are derived thru building empathy, ideation, iterative improvements, prototyping, testing and learning.


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