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turn-key site evaluations

accelerates clinician adoption

Client Goal: quickly increase sales of, and clinician engagement with, BIS Monitoring, an innovative approach to optimal anesthesia delivery.

Background:  Cases where a patient is under anesthesia for 60+ minutes, benefit from BIS Monitoring.  Research substantiated improved patient outcomes and economic value in preventing complications; most notably a new study showing reduction in post-op-delirium, when using BIS Monitoring. There was a need to quickly identify highest opportunity  hospitals, establish clinical value with staff across departments, efficiently coordinate Medtronic resources and critically, to standardize protocols for evaluations so that results could be aggregated to department, hospital, and system levels. The Marketing Team did not have capacity to produce said systems or manage the difficult  integration of account and cases type data files.

AND Work:  Created a standardized BIS Evaluation Tool Kit and automated Look Book inclusive of Sales Training and Account Planning tools to simplify targeting, execution and reporting of evaluations by the Sales Team. These tools linked with Salesforce providing the Marketing Team visibility into progress by Teams and Key Accounts.

Results: 2x adoption rate year over year.

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